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Since it seems very few people are willing to jump along, perhaps of the thought that this whole thing is rubbish and will not go anywhere ... How about we kick off our first swap between the couple of us? Timewise it would still probably work at the end of January when all the christmas fuss has been dealt with and there are unwanted gifts to return (and rip to shreads, bwahahah! ... Not that I do that. Keep sending me sweaters.)
Anyway, let me know what you think!

We're going to need a lil more manpower in order to get our first swap up and running. This is mainly to ensure everyone not only has a partner but also some backups.
Sooo, if you know anyone who is interested in sewing per example, feel free to hint there is now an opportunity to enlargen their collection of foreign materials. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Without further due, I will let you go back to sleep.
Thank you for having me!

Hello any possible readers, hehe.
Due to the misfortune of DoA not accepting fabric or crafts trades on their board (I knew they didn't allow the sales of fabric, didn't know swapping was forbidden as well ) a fellow DoAer gave me this idea of hosting an LJ community for BJD-related material swaps.

At the moment I require each joining member to message me their DoA username (or Hartsilapset ID) in order to be validated to the community.

Please read the profile of the group as it will have the basic rules and regulations in the Bio section. These are there to ensure everyone a fair and equally happy time crafting and swapping :)

Thank you!